The Battle Begins Now

Thanks for joining me!

When I got saved, I thought I’d spend my life walking beside still waters and lying down in green pastures [Psalms 23:2]. I had no idea embracing Yeshua [Jesus Christ] as the captain of my salvation meant I was enlisting as a soldier in the army of God [2 Timothy 2:3].

I’ve since learned that believers are soldiers and Jesus Christ did not come to bring peace but a sword [Matthew 10:34]. I’ve discovered that we’re more than conquerors in Christ, which also tells me ungodly and unseen forces are trying to conquer us [Psalms 43:1], and stop us from entering God’s Kingdom [Daniel 7:27].

Keep this truth in mind: the enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy [John 1:10]. Every demon has the same mission. How they go about it – their strategies and tactics – are different. A spirit of fear attacks your faith, for example [ David and Goliath story ] while a spirit of rejection attacks your identity. The enemy is strategic; has a highly organized army, and able to send specific evil spirits against believers to derail them from their kingdom purpose [Ephesians 6:12].

My prayer for you brothers and sisters as you connect with me on this blog, is that, you will gain discernment to identify spirits opposing your life – and the lives of those you love – and develop spiritual battle skills to battle back. Spiritual bondage can manifest in many ways – our spiritual life, health, relationships, marriage, finances, family, education, career and business – but the good news is that victory is ours; by walking in our God-given authority, we can effectively face these battles and win in warfare. Amen